LIVE. LOVE. LIFE., a 501C3 nonprofit organization, was established in 2010 to raise awareness and support for degenerative brain disease research and brain donation. Through community engagement with consumers, family, friends, those who have been touched by a neurological disorder and others who care about giving back, LIVE LOVE LIFE. is making a great impact on spotlighting the importance of research. Through the help of generous donors LIVE. LOVE. LIFE. is working to raise funding for a brain bank specific to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Department of Neurology Movement Disorders Clinic.

LIVE. LOVE. LIFE. is a celebration of the journey we are all on…we strive to do our best and pass on the goodness in our hearts. We celebrate the meaning of life and the core spirit that goes beyond our physical bodies. That spirit is the love we share, the love that bonds us together and the love in our lives. It is a celebration of people coming together for a greater good. Support the cause, get involved, give back or join the team now. Tell us your story here.

“Any neurological disorder is devastating to the person who lives with it and their family which is why I am an advocate for neurological disorder research and brain donation. Even though my mother’s fight is over, her fighting spirit lives on in me to help others who are diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease.”
— Jane Monzures, Live. Love. Life. Founder