Celebrate With Us

LIVE. LOVE. LIFE., a 501C3 nonprofit organization, is a celebration of the journey we are all on… we strive to do our best and pass on the goodness in our hearts. We celebrate the meaning of life and the core spirit that goes beyond flesh. That spirit is the love we share, the love that bonds us together, and the love in our lives.

L3 is a celebration of people coming together for a greater good. The mission of Live. Love. Life. is to generate awareness and support for a variety of issues that affect Chicago area families in need through community engagement with consumers, family, friends and others who care about giving back.

We LIVE. It is something we just do; carrying on with our lives, passing on traditions, working, laughing, thinking, and breathing. It is something that passes by with each moment. We’re faced with the question at a very young age, “How do you want to LIVE your LIFE?” We chose to LIVE every day in celebration, jubilation, expectation, with imagination and anticipation. We are hopeful, we are smart, and we are growing, learning and sharing. We LIVE through tragedy and triumph. We live and breathe and wake up to do the best we can every day putting one foot in front of another marching on with LOVE.

We LOVE. It is something inside use, something we are born with; the innate ability to LOVE. It’s an instinct. We LOVE our families, our friends, our pets, our jobs, and we even love that song that makes us cry, that makes us dance, and we love a great pair of shoes or a cool haircut, we love our country, we love our neighbors and we need to love ourselves. LOVE is the act of kindness, LOVE is euphoria, LOVE is generosity, LOVE is feeling, LOVE is strength. We LOVE our LIFE.

LIFE is now. It is something we are doing at this very moment, living LIFE. Whether we are eating, sleeping, thinking, working, running; worrying, loving, LIFE is what we make of it today. LIFE happens. LIFE is precious; it is the presence that we live in. LIFE is creation. LIFE is living in the light. LIFE is being confident in knowing that we are loved. We breathe life into one another every day and today, LIFE is celebrated.